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Discovering Cloud Managed Endpoint Security

Online Help uses a modular architecture to deliver only the services that you require. The components include:

  • The Management Console enables you to manage your deployed services.

  • The agents that are installed on computers can support multiple products and communicate pertinent data to the .cloud infrastructure.

    The agent installs on a computer as part of a selected product.

  • Products plug into the agent on computers to deliver the services that you want.

The online Help system opens to a topic that is relevant to your location within the Management Console. Once open, the search engine suggests help topics and the procedures that may be useful to you.

Table: Topics common to all services

Management Console

Installing and managing Agents

See System requirements

See Internet access requirements

See Activating your new serial numbers

See Performing group actions

See Moving computers

See Creating alerts

See Submitting support tickets to Symantec

See Downloading and installing the agent

See Deploying using Active Directory

See Sending users a procedure explaining their download invitations

See Using the local Agent's proxy settings

Table: Service related topics

Endpoint Protection


See Removing existing antivirus and firewall products

See Configuring Smart Firewall

See Configuring Firewall Rules

See Using Program Control

See Scanning computers remotely

See Planning your backups

See Configuring the default group backup policy

See Restoring your data

See Using a transfer drive

See Clearing an overage condition from your account

Table: Additional services

Local Update Service

Onsite Backup

See About the Local Update Service

See Deciding if the Local Update Service can work for you

See Choosing local update hosts

See Configuring a local update host

See Managing a local update host

See Getting started with storage servers

See Configuring backups to a storage server

See Assigning backup agents to a storage server

See Configuring computers without a storage server

See Using Onsite Backup with mobile users

See Configuring and managing storage servers

See Changing the storage location of your storage server

See Restoring your data from a storage server

Table: Other resources

FAQ and PDFs

Video Help

See frequently asked questions

Getting Started Guide

Administrator's Guide

See Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition videos provides a number of resources to provide assistance to users.

See Getting help with